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Les Petits Choux

I first heard about this adorable little café after reading Cloud In A Teacup’s post, and knew that when I next had an opportunity for lunch in Newcastle city centre that this would be at the top of my list. It’s a tiny little place (just behind Barker and Stonehouse, near St James’ Park, on Leazes […]

Let There Be Crumbs

My best friends are my girl cousins. We love to get together when we can, and since we’re now dotted around the country, it’s usually reserved for Christmas time and family events. Since we all grew up in South Shields, our usual meeting place is Minchellas by the sea front. However, this time I thought […]

JJ’s Kitchen

We had packed our bags and were getting ready to head to London for a weekend adventure, when we realised: 1. we had no food in the house 2. we were too lazy to walk to the supermarket and buy food and then cook it. 3. we had to leave in 1 hour! My foodie […]


We were so lucky to be invited to Beckleberry’s to sample their fabulous food and ice cream! There’s plenty of good reasons to go to the Metro Centre. Sometimes I go to shop, sometimes to watch a film, sometimes I go because it’s raining and I’d rather walk around indoors than try to get to […]

Olive & Bean

I’ve been putting off writing this review for ages and ages. Why? Because this is my most favourite place to have lunch in the whole of Newcastle. I love Olive & Bean so much (SO MUCH) that I feel my writing will not be able to convey and describe the love and delight I take […]

Greggs Moment

If you’re from the North you will definitely know Greggs (maybe if you’re from the South, not so much) for it’s peach melbas, sausage rolls and stotties. Well, this time last year they opened up their first coffee shop called Greggs Moment on Northumberland Street in Newcastle. There was a big hoo-ha over it opening […]

Stairwayz Cafe

One day, I couldn’t be bothered to make lunch. That’s really lazy of me. However, MrJ suggested that we go to a cafe that he had seen on Low Fell high street. I declared to him that there was no little cafe there but he was adamant that he was right, so we went off […]