I found this chinese bakery on Thursday and actually squealed with delight when I saw it, as it reminded me so much of the chinese bakeries (中国菜) in Hong Kong. It had trays filled with sweet or savoury treats and you just use plastic white tongs to choose what you would like.

What was gorgeous about this little chinese bakery was that it had a little cafe area, and the option of having hot and cold drinks as well as interesting, oriental desserts like mango pudding and chinese tea. I could have stuffed a paper bag filled with baked goods, but settled on a coconut and milk bread roll with almonds. It was delicious (好吃) and tasted exactly like the coconut bread I used to buy in Hong Kong. Most sweet items were 70p with savoury items being a little bit more. I thought it was very reasonable, especially for the size of the desserts!

I will definitely be visiting again very soon!

Breadpoint can be found on 13 Low Friar Street, Newcastle. (Walk down the street between The Gate and Tiger Tiger – it’s on the corner opposite the Bangkok Cafe!)

3 thoughts on “Breadpoint

  1. ecozee says:

    went here on sat following your recommendation (i used to live in LA and have dim sum regularly) just walking in the door and smelling the place was very nostalgic, I had three pastries – two savoury and one for “pud” and a cup of japanese green tea (I think). I loved it, it really made my day. I bought a selection of six to bring home to scotland and share with the Mr and kids. Thanks for the recommendation.

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