We have noticed a growing demand for produce and restaurants that serve gluten-free food. We know people who have an intolerance to gluten and they can feel really limited in choices at restaurants, as well as it making it difficult to find somewhere to go that caters for the whole family. So, we have done our research and are very happy to introduce to you this gluten-free page. May your dining and eating adventures in the North-East be better for it!

(This list is by no means comprehensive, and we are happy to add to it. Please contact us in the comments section below or via email at if you want to be added to this page).

Newcastle City Centre

Serving British cuisine in impressive surroundings (a 12th century friary), this lovely restaurant has a lot of gluten-free options clearly marked on their menus.

This new Brasilian chain restaurant (located just next to The Gate) has lots of lovely gluten-free options including a wonderful chocolate Brasilian flourless cake with dulce de leche running through it. Yum! Click here for more.

El Coto
This Spanish restaurant serves delicious home-cooked-style tapas and they have an extensive gluten-free menu. Check it out here.

The Factory Kitchen (at The Biscuit Factory)
This cafe are always refreshing their gluten-free options and offer a different atmosphere the usual cafes on the high street.

Fat Hippo Underground
A gluten-free menu of burgers in gluten-free buns, and delicious sides and sauces that are gluten-free too. Fab!

One of our favourite restaurants just got a whole lot better as they have gluten-free pasta options. See their menu here.

Hilton Newcastle
They do a great gluten-free afternoon tea with sandwiches made from gluten-free bread and sweet treats in the form of eton mess and other delights. See the menu here.

La Petite Creperie
Try amazing buckwheat galettes at this fantastic French stall in the Grainger Market. They love to promote their gluten-free galettes and they are perfect for lunch! Find out more about them here.

Las Iguanas
This South American restaurant now has a separate gluten-free menu, showing that eating out doesn’t have to be a hassle. They even stock gluten-free lager. View it here.

Marco Polo
With gluten-free options clearly stated on their menu, and an amazing gluten-free chocolate cake dessert, this restaurant is continually improving their gluten-free options, and are happy to adapt to meet your requirements. View the menu here.

Olive and Bean
I love this café, and they are happy to serve any sandwich option from their menu on gluten-free bread. As well, three of their cakes are gluten-free, and they can offer a gluten-free afternoon tea. If you’re really worried about cross-contamination, speak to their staff first. Visit their website here.

The Painted Elephant
A plant-based restaurant that’s perfect for vegans and vegetarians. The menu highlights the gluten-free choices (there are a lot).

Pani’s Cafe
Experience Italian home-cooking at this lovely, vibrant cafe and restaurant. With gluten-free pasta available, this makes dining out that little bit easier. View their website here.

Pizza Express
Their gluten-free menu is fantastic and lets you satisfy your craving for pizza and pasta without worrying about an adverse reaction. Their website lets you know what to avoid, and all their dressings are gluten-free. Oh, and they do a gluten-free chocolate brownie dessert. What’s not to love? View the gluten-free menu here.

Quay Ingredient
Enjoy a gluten-free breakfast at Quay Ingredient. They always have a supply of gluten-free breads and cakes in their cafe. Also, they’ve just added gluten-free cinnamon pancakes to their menu! Visit their website for address details.

Tea Sutra
Although very popular for tea, Tea Sutra also serves healthy vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. Visit their website for address details.

Stuck in Newcastle Central Station and wondering what to get? Head to ÜGOT for fresh and healthy gluten-free options (and maybe a muffin or two!).

This chain of Italian restaurants offers a special allergen menu that features gluten-free fusilli pasta and gluten-free pasta sauces. View the menu here.


Sky Apple Café
This vegetarian restaurant has fantastic gluten-free options clearly marked on their menu, and are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’ll become one of your favourite places, vegetarian or not! Click here for menus.


As You Like It
They now do a really good gluten-free menu that is packed with choice, and includes steak, ribs and thai curries. See the menu here.

Avanti Ristorante
This italian restaurant offers gluten-free pasta for all of their dishes. View the menu here.


El Coto
This Spanish restaurant serves delicious home-cooked-style tapas and they have an extensive gluten-free menu. Check it out here.

Tia’s Mexican
This restaurant in Durham has a really impressive gluten-free menu (and happy hour menu too!) Try their fajita’s with gluten-free pitas! Both menus are available to browse and download here (click the links on the left-hand side).


Chadwicks Inn Maltby
This traditional country pub with an award-winning restaurant in Middlesbrough have many happy gluten-free customers, and are happy to adapt their dishes to cater for you! Visit their website here.

The Olde Young Teahouse
This cafe in Middlesbrough is the perfect place to come if you’re after a hot drink and a humongous slab of gluten-free cake (or scone, or brownie). Click here for more details.


Peppermint Tearoom
This delightful tearoom in Morpeth serves gluten-free scones, carrot cake, florentine slices and soup! A little hidden gem we’re happy to know about. You can find them on Newgate Street.


Yes, apparently a lot of IKEA desserts are gluten-free, and they also have some gluten-free options in the menu if you request for them. Here is a letter found on a gluten-free forum from IKEA stating which desserts are gluten-free.

You can buy gluten-free pasta, bread and other delights from most big supermarkets, however this buying section of our gluten-free page focuses on local sellers who provide gluten-free products. Please contact them to enquire directly about any issues you may have with gluten-free preparation or contamination so as to ensure that they meet the standards you require.

Simply Cheesecake
Get scrumptious gluten-free cheesecakes from this local business! We’ve tried them and loved their cheesecakes! Check out their Facebook page for menus and prices! They also have a location in Team Valley, if you fancy stopping by.

Pet Lamb Patisserie
Our favourite cake shop does batches of 6 gluten-free cupcakes in Double Choc, Vanilla, Strawberry Jam, Lemon, Choc and Peanut Butter, Chocolate Orange and Mint Choc flavours. Give them a call, tweet or Facebook message to enquire!

Dough It Yourself
We LOVE these gluten-free, artisan pizza bases (we discovered them at the Living North Christmas Fair). Order them online, and enjoy gluten-free pizza at home –  you will not be disappointed!

Burtree Puddings
These luxurious hot puddings come in gluten-free varieties too! Try their gluten-free sticky toffee pudding or Christmas pudding (both are award-winning!). Find out more here.

Gluten Free Food Products
Check out this website for a host of gluten-free products such as pies, muffins, scones and quiches that are made by a company in Bishop Auckland.

French Oven (Grainger Market)
You can buy gluten-free soups and bread to take away from this fantastic place in the Grainger Market. (Bread available only on a Friday and a Saturday at the moment).



  1. Hi there, just to let you know we’re actually city-centre 🙂

  2. Melanie Baker · · Reply

    Great article for someone who has coeliac disease! Thank you Scobberlotch!

  3. Please check out our website we manufacture the largest range of gluten free pies available anywhere at our dedicated gluten free bakery in Bishop Auckland using locally sourced ingredients.

    1. Thank you for letting us know! We’ll add you to the list.

  4. I would thoroughly recommend Tia’s in Durham – I just ate there after hearing of it through this website. It’s the best eating out experience I’ve had since diagnosis of dietary issues. Theres an extensive gluten free menu and the staff really know what they’re doing. There’s also several other things I can’t eat and all were catered for in a no-fuss but completely understanding way. Made the dining out experience unusually easy and enjoyable, and I felt thoroughly welcomed rather than awkwardly difficult!

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience with us! And so happy you had such a great time!

  5. […] And if you need gluten free tips for Newcastle, well I’ve found a few nifty websites offering a great variety of places to visit in the Newcastle Gateshead area; you can read more here and here. […]

  6. Jumping Bean Cafe in Durham is incredible!! Ate there the other week and it was perfect, cheap and satisfying ^.^

    1. Thank you for the recommendation! We’ll add it to the list!

  7. Great to have some guidance. Im a customer not a business. However I currently understand The White Swan in Dinnington to have a substantial Gluten Free menu. Contact them to ensure no changes.
    Mention a need to eliminate cross contamination as essential no matter where you eat for Coeliac Disease.

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