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We have noticed a growing demand for produce and restaurants that serve gluten-free food. We know people who have an intolerance to gluten and they can feel really limited in choices at restaurants, as well as it making it difficult to find somewhere to go that caters for the whole family. So, we have done our research and are very happy to introduce to you this gluten-free page. May your dining and eating adventures in the North-East be better for it!

(This list is by no means comprehensive, and we are happy to add to it. Please contact us in the comments section below or via email at if you want to be added to this page).


Clean Bean Restaurant and Bar
Accredited by Coeliac UK and with a completely gluten-free kitchen, Clean Bean is a haven for all those who follow a gluten-free diet. The whole menu is completely gluten free. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and serves a cracking Sunday Lunch.

Newcastle City Centre

Serving British cuisine in impressive surroundings (a 12th century friary), this lovely restaurant has a lot of gluten-free options clearly marked on their menus (although the options do change as the menu changes).

The gluten-free menu at Browns features a lovely range of seasonal dishes and is accredited by Coeliac UK, meaning that peace of mind is now only an order away.

This Brasilian chain restaurant (located just next to The Gate) has lots of lovely gluten-free options including a wonderful chocolate Brasilian flourless cake with dulce de leche running through it. Yum! Click here for more.

Cote Brasserie
We love Cote, yes it’s a chain, but it has a great range of menus and is perfect for pre-theatre dining. You can select ‘gluten free’ option on the menu online to see what’s available, and it is a lot!

El Coto
This Spanish restaurant serves delicious home-cooked-style tapas and they have an extensive gluten-free menu. Check it out here.

Fat Hippo Underground
A gluten-free menu of burgers in gluten-free buns, and delicious sides and sauces that are gluten-free too. AND milkshakes and desserts. Fab!

Filmore & Union (in John Lewis and in Central Station)
Come here for lots of healthy, wholesome options or to indulge in gluten-free sweet treats. Filmore & Union do both really well. The gluten-free afternoon tea is delicious (I’ve had it) and their gluten-free scones are lovely too. Click here for more.

This Italian restaurant on the Quayside is great for a dinner date or special occasion. We’ve been here many times with a gluten-free family member, and they’ve always been well taken care of. See the menu here.

La Petite Creperie
Try amazing buckwheat galettes at this fantastic French stall in the Grainger Market. They love to promote their gluten-free galettes and they are perfect for lunch! Find out more about them here.

Las Iguanas
It’s easy to find gluten-free options at this South American restaurant, with dishes clearly labelled on the menu – and there’s a lot of choice too. View it here.

Lola Jeans
All the burgers at Lola Jeans can be gluten-free with small amendments, and the Keep It Clean menu has a lot of gluten-free options too. It’s close proximity to Newcastle Theatre Royal make it a good shout for theatre-goers. Click here for the menu.

Mantra Thai
Enjoy Thai food without the worry that there’s gluten in the sauces. Mantra Thai have their own gluten-free menu and are clued up about those with dietary requirements. Click here for the menu.

Miller & Carter
Miller & Carter have a vast gluten-free menu that covers starters, mains and desserts, and the menu is acredited by the Coeliac Society – giving you peace of mind. Click here to view.

Olive and Bean
I love this café, and they are happy to serve any sandwich option from their menu on gluten-free bread. As well, three of their cakes are gluten-free, and they can offer a gluten-free afternoon tea. If you’re really worried about cross-contamination, speak to their staff first. Visit their website here.

Pizza Express
Their gluten-free menu is fantastic and lets you satisfy your craving for pizza and pasta without worrying about an adverse reaction. View the gluten-free menu here.

Quay Ingredient
Enjoy a gluten-free breakfast of cinnamon pancakes or eggs Benedict at Quay Ingredient. It’s small though, so you might have to wait for a seat. Visit their website for more info.

Need a quick lunch or food on the go in the city centre? Zapatista is the place for you. The corn tacos, salad bowls and naked burritos/fajitas are gluten free, and all the gluten-free options are clearly marked on the menu.

Yes, it’s a chain restaurant – but I tell you, sometimes you have more trust in a bigger chain that has it’s own gluten free menu. The menu is vast and there are lots of lovely options.


Sky Apple Café
This vegetarian restaurant has fantastic gluten-free options clearly marked on their menu, and are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’ll become one of your favourite places, vegetarian or not! Click here for menus.

Monsieur Crepe Cafe
We love this place – it’s our go-to with friends for breakfast! They have a clear understanding of allergens and they can use a gluten-free batter for your crepe/galette. The hot chocolate alone is worth a trip! Click here for details.


As You Like It
The dishes on the menu can be adapted to make them gluten free – so enjoy dishes like thai chicken curry, lamb harissa skewers and posh mushrooms on toast. See the menu here.

Fat Hippo
With its own gluten-free menu of burgers in gluten-free buns, delicious sides, sauces, milkshakes and desserts – you’re spoilt for choice at Fat Hippo. Perfect for a burger craving.

The Holy Hobo
Gluten-free options are clearly marked on the menu, and diners can enjoy nibbles, kebabs and salads. It doesn’t look like there are options to have the burgers/sandwiches gluten-free currently. But still some good options.

Durham, and surrounding areas

Fat Hippo
A great option for dining in the city centre. Fat Hippo’s burgers are delicious and you don’t have to miss out if you’re gluten free as they have their own gluten-free menu.

This bar and restaurant in Chester-le-Street has lots of gluten-free options clearly marked on the menu, and is great for casual dining.

The Lambton Worm
The Lambton Worm in Chester-le-Street has gluten-free options clearly marked on the a la carte and bar menus and there are some lovely choices.

Pizza Express
Their gluten-free menu is fantastic and lets you satisfy your craving for pizza and pasta without worrying about an adverse reaction. View the gluten-free menu here.

Tia’s Mexican
This restaurant in Durham has a really impressive gluten-free menu with a range of tex-mex dishes, pizzas, kebabs and skewers all gluten free.

Vennels Cafe
Found in the heart of Durham City Centre, Vennels is full of old-fashioned charm. Serving cafe staples like jacket potatoes and sandwiches (with gluten-free bread as an option), as well as a selection of gluten-free cakes – it’s the perfect lunch stop in the city. Click for the menu.

Yes, it’s a chain restaurant – but I tell you, sometimes you have more trust in a bigger chain that has it’s own gluten free menu. The menu is vast and there are lots of lovely options.


Sorella Sorella
This very popular Italian restaurant in Sunniside has a dedicated gluten-free menu and is available  Monday-Thursday 5-7pm, and Friday-Saturday, 12-6pm.

The Woodmans Arms 
This lovely pub in Whickham has gluten-free options clearly labelled on the menu, and also can make certain dishes gluten-free on request.

Zizzi, MetroCentre
Yes, it’s a chain restaurant – but I tell you, sometimes you have more trust in a bigger chain that has it’s own gluten free menu. The menu is vast and there are lots of lovely options.

15 thoughts on “Gluten-Free

  1. Keith says:

    Please check out our website we manufacture the largest range of gluten free pies available anywhere at our dedicated gluten free bakery in Bishop Auckland using locally sourced ingredients.

  2. Hannah says:

    I would thoroughly recommend Tia’s in Durham – I just ate there after hearing of it through this website. It’s the best eating out experience I’ve had since diagnosis of dietary issues. Theres an extensive gluten free menu and the staff really know what they’re doing. There’s also several other things I can’t eat and all were catered for in a no-fuss but completely understanding way. Made the dining out experience unusually easy and enjoyable, and I felt thoroughly welcomed rather than awkwardly difficult!

  3. Yvonne says:

    Great to have some guidance. Im a customer not a business. However I currently understand The White Swan in Dinnington to have a substantial Gluten Free menu. Contact them to ensure no changes.
    Mention a need to eliminate cross contamination as essential no matter where you eat for Coeliac Disease.

  4. B K in the US says:

    Thank you so much! We’ll be passing through Newcastle on our way down to Whitby for the day and I’m happy to see that we’ll actually have choices on where to eat!

  5. Anton Stener says:

    Would recommend not going to La Petit Creperie. He tried to convince us that wheat flour does not contain gluten. He recommended Biscoff Spread for the gluten free galette. Biscoff is like 50% wheat flour.

    • Rosie says:

      We have had gluten free crêpes from La Petite Creperie before. The crêpe batter made with the buckwheat flour crêpes is gluten free as, despite its name, buckwheat flour isn’t a wheat but a seed so doesn’t contain gluten.
      However, biscoff spread is definitely not suitable. I’m sorry you were given a non-gluten-free topping suggestion!

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