Stairwayz Cafe

One day, I couldn’t be bothered to make lunch. That’s really lazy of me. However, MrJ suggested that we go to a cafe that he had seen on Low Fell high street. I declared to him that there was no little cafe there but he was adamant that he was right, so we went off in search of it.

He was right.

We stumbled upon Stairwayz Cafe. It was well hidden above the shops on the street, but had a swinging sign by the doorway giving you a gentle nudge that they were there! After walking inside the front door – which is glass-panelled and has essence of a New York style – there was a lovely board displaying all the food options available and convinced us that it was worth climbing up their lofty staircase to get into the cafe. (That’s probably wear the ‘Stairwayz’ name comes from!)

Walking into the cafe, we were greeted with lots of tables and chairs and a lovely counter selling drinks and cakes! We sat down by the window (so we could people-watch from above!) and looked at our menus. There was a lot of choice but in the end I decided to get a tuna jacket potato, and MrJ decided to get a Mediterranean panini! Our lemonades were delicious (and cheap!) and so was our food! I am no exaggerating when I say that the jacket potato I had was nearly the size of my head and was the king of all potatoes! The prices were so cheap for the amount of food we received, and the quality of it was not compromised.

This little gem grew busier and busier the longer we were there with old and young couples and friends coming to have a chit chat over a cup of coffee and a slice of cake, or for a quick, home-made lunch. The atmosphere was so relaxed and friendly, we would definitely go again!

Stairwayz Cafe is located on 423 Durham Road and is open Mon-Sat from 8.30am to 4.30pm.

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