The Handmade Cheesecake Company

We were delighted to have the privilege of  receiving a cheesecake of our choice from The Handmade Cheesecake Company to taste, photograph and review for you!

The Handmade Cheesecake Company was founded by sisters Frances Barron and Ellen McPherson in 2011, however their experience in making cakes goes back 10 years, when they started to make cakes professionally after the death of their mother made them both rethink their careers.

“Our mother taught us from a very early age how to bake because she was a fantastic baker. She
was also an incredible woman who had a strong streak of being able to inspire and lift you up even
though she was crippled with arthritis. When we were faced with her death, we decided we would
do something in her memory,” says Barron, who left a high-flying job in the electronics industry to
help start the business.

After meticulously researching the market, the sisters discovered there was no other company in
Scotland doing what they were setting out to accomplish.

Barron comments: “We got into the home baking scene long before it became popular on TV.
We had zero customers to start. But we also had a dream and belief that because of my business
background and our skills for baking, we would make it.”

Following months of hard work, The Dessert Depot was created as a business-to-business cake company, which has won numerous awards, including Great Taste Awards in 2007 for its strawberry and white chocolate cheesecake and its fabulously fudgy cake, and a community award for being the best business in Ayrshire with under 25 employees in 2006.

The Handmade Cheesecake Company is an expansion of The Dessert Depot company and aims to revamp the cheesecake image and make it more accessible to the public. They sell whole cheesecakes ranging in price from £14-£17. Customers can also purchase a box of 30 Teeny Wee Yins (canapé-sized cheesecakes) for £20, or nine Wee Yins (individual sized cheesecakes) for £20 plus delivery charges.

What makes The Handmade Cheesecake Company so unique is that all the cheesecakes are created by a small team in Ayr, using quality ingredients including speciality glazes and chocolates from Belgium.

Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to have a handmade cheesecake from these lovely ladies? Certainly not I and MrJ!
We were asked what type of cheesecake we would like, and we had quite a discussion over it! Just look at the options available! I wanted the Turkish Delight Cheesecake, as I love the flavour and think it’s very unusual. However, MrJ wanted a showstopper, something that Mary Berry would quiver at the knees at if she beheld. So low and behold we got the Chocolate Fudge Profiterole Cheesecake! (And after tasting it last night, he definitely made the right choice!)

It promptly arrived on Tuesday morning. Here are our lovely images showing you our exciting dessert adventure!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our cheesecake didn’t just look impressive. It also tasted like a slice of heaven served on a silver platter! I don’t think another dessert will ever give us as much wow-factor as this cheesecake did! I can see why people would buy them for special events and weddings! It was packaged beautifully and arrived without any bumps bruises (which I find highly impressive as it’s such a delicate dessert to transport!) As soon as it was opened, we just gazed in wonder at the chocolatey treat that was in front of us, and could barely stop ourselves from plunging our forks into the cheesecake! We treated ourselves to a slice each, and are now going to surprise our parents by knocking on their doors baring the cheesecake-of-all-cheesecakes! I bet they’ll be putting an order in sometime soon!

We have been truly converted to the cheesecake dessert, and highly recommend The Handmade Cheesecake Company for outstanding and delicious desserts!

(The Handmade Cheesecake Company will be at this year’s BBC Good Food Show in Glasgow from the 19-21 October for the first time where show attendees will be able to try out the cakes for themselves and enter to win a speciality cake for Christmas. The company will also release two limited edition cakes for the holiday season: a mint and a cranberry and white chocolate cheesecake!)

Check out their twitter and website for more details!

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