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Gluten Free Dining in Newcastle/Gateshead/Durham

This has been a labour of love (and still is a work in progress), but on the blog is now an up-to-date gluten free guide for dining in Newcastle/Gateshead/Durham areas for 2019! This is one of the most popular pages on my blog, and it was woefully out of date (I apologise!). So, I’ve went […]

BALTIC Kitchen

One of my favourite things to do when it’s sunny is to go for a walk along the Quayside. Pair that with stopping for lunch somewhere and that’s the icing on the cake! We hadn’t been to the BALTIC in actual years, so decided to be cultured and view some of the exhibitions (and go […]

Simply Cheesecake

Our lovely friend Ally of Simply Cheesecake, who we first heard about from the Great North Gluten Free Fair, let us sample some of her delicious cheesecakes. My family enjoyed them immensely. Especially The Gluten Free One as she likes to be called. I will let her tell this cheesecake story… Once upon a time there was […]

Private Dining at SIX at the Baltic Art Gallery

HELLO to all you Scobberlotch followers out there!  We’re Laura and Vinny and while your regular Scobberlotch Mr and Mrs are off sampling foods in hotter climes, they’ve asked us to keep their restaurant seats warm and keep you posted on what tasty delights Newcastle has to offer.  We’re not culinary experts or food critics: […]

JJ’s Kitchen

We had packed our bags and were getting ready to head to London for a weekend adventure, when we realised: 1. we had no food in the house 2. we were too lazy to walk to the supermarket and buy food and then cook it. 3. we had to leave in 1 hour! My foodie […]


We were so lucky to be invited to Beckleberry’s to sample their fabulous food and ice cream! There’s plenty of good reasons to go to the Metro Centre. Sometimes I go to shop, sometimes to watch a film, sometimes I go because it’s raining and I’d rather walk around indoors than try to get to […]

Ramada Encore Gateshead

We were so lucky to be invited to Ramada Encore Gateshead for a gorgeous dinner date. Just what we needed! This week has been so busy, for both of us, and we’ve felt like we’ve barely said anything other than a “hello” and “goodbye” as we ran out of the house on a morning/returned home […]