Local Restaurant Meal Kits for At Home Dining

Local lockdown continues in the North East of England this week with new restrictions implemented so that "mixing between households in any indoor setting, such as pubs and restaurants, is against the law." I don't know about you, but for my household that means unless one of us wants to go out for dinner by … Continue reading Local Restaurant Meal Kits for At Home Dining

New Menu at Nu To Go

(AD) This blog always champions the small independent places in the North East that offer something special to diners, and Nu To Go is the essence of that with it's fantastic range of healthy fast food options served in a minimalist, Scandi-vibe restaurant which are available to eat in or take away. 

Simply Cheesecake

Our lovely friend Ally of Simply Cheesecake, who we first heard about from the Great North Gluten Free Fair, let us sample some of her delicious cheesecakes. My family enjoyed them immensely. Especially The Gluten Free One as she likes to be called. I will let her tell this cheesecake story... Once upon a time there was … Continue reading Simply Cheesecake