New Menu at Nu To Go

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I’ve previously written about Nu To Go in a semi-recent blog post after I visited with a friend for breakfast. I loved the ethos of the restaurant to make healthy, affordable food readily available. It’s become one of my go-to recommendations for anyone in or near the Gateshead area to check out. My mum and her best friend actually visited for lunch the following day after my first visit, and loved it too.

So, when the co-partners of Nu To Go, Darren and Chloe, got in touch to say they had a new head chef and were launching a new menu, and would I like to come along to try it – of course, I said yes!

This blog always champions the small independent places in the North East that offer something special to diners, and Nu To Go is the essence of that with it’s fantastic range of healthy fast food options served in a minimalist, Scandi-vibe restaurant which are available to eat in or take away.


Six weeks ago, Nu To Go won  an award for the Best Eatery at the England Business Awards National Grand Finals, and just a few weeks ago Chef Craig Howlett took the helm of the kitchen, and has revamped the menu. The dishes are still healthy, tasty and quick – but now there are a lot more options, and the flavour dial has really been turned up a notch or two.

The restaurant/cafe is open from 8am-4.30pm on weekdays (10am-3pm on a Saturday/closed on Sunday), and serves breakfast and lunch. For the blogger event, we were encouraged to choose a main, side and drink from the lunch menu.

It was a tough choice as the lunch menu includes house specials like the Cuban salmon fillet, Tabbouleh, and a Korean BBQ beef burger, while there are also nutrition bowls, all-day protein pancakes and a ‘little appetite’ section which includes wraps, bagels and jacket potatoes.

After a lot of deliberating, I went for the cauliflower satay for my main, with a side of halloumi fries. To drink, I chose the summer breeze smoothie of strawberries, bananas, apple juice and greek yoghurt.


What I love about Nu To Go is that they’re really up on people’s dietary needs. Although I don’t have any, they double checked that I was okay to have the yoghurt in my smoothie and everything on the menu is clearly labelled. It just gives those with dietary requirements more peace of mind, knowing they are in safe hands with staff who understand.

The food was amazing – and what I loved even more was that it was guilt free. It was a balanced meal of healthy ingredients that tasted fantastic.

The cauliflower satay had a delicious peanut sauce with a kick coming from the inclusion of chillies. I loved the mix of textures – just-cooked cauliflower on a bed of creamy sweet potato mash. Also, the ‘greens’ that accompanied it were so substantial – asparagus, green beans, lettuce and pea shoots. For £6.50 it was a complete bargain.


My side of halloumi fries was also such a steal at £3 for this whopping stack (see pictured). It came with a ‘tomato compote’ which had a kick and was the perfect dipping accompaniment. If you go – get them, you will have no regrets.

As well as having a summer breeze smoothie (which was the perfect thick strawberry/banana smoothie), on the night I also tried the Tropical Twist smoothie, which was, again, on point – and a charcoal lemonade which I think could do with a stronger lemon flavour, but on the whole was really refreshing.

Darren and Chloe then surprised us by offering us dessert in the form of the all-day pancakes to share on the table. I was already stuffed, but glad that I could have a taste of them, and we opted for the banana, peanut butter and chocolate spread version. It was incredible. So indulgent, yet made with wholesome ingredients, and I loved how all the ingredients were stacked throughout each layer of the pancakes. I would 100% order these again.


Nu to Go is attached to the Trinity Square complex (where the huge Tesco is in Gateshead town centre), and it’s really accessible via the Metro (Gateshead stop) or via the bus to the Gateshead Interchange main bus terminal. For the event, I parked my car in the Tesco car park.

Nu To Go is a little bit hidden away as it’s on the outside of the Trinity Square complex, but just take the outside lift from Tesco down to the street below, and you’ll find it!

Once again, I can’t sing it’s praises enough. The only thing I would love is if they had later opening hours as it would be a great place to hit up on an evening before seeing a film at the Vue Cinema as it’s literally a stone’s throw away. However, after speaking to Darren and Chloe, it might be something they do on selected days of the week in the future. Fingers crossed!

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