The Settle Down Cafe

Just off the Westgate Road in Newcastle, you can find a cafe that would not look out of place on the corner of a street in Brooklyn. Myself and Mrs J dodged into their doorway to get out of the cold and in doing so stumbled upon a coffee shop that gives off a vibe akin to the buzz of any large city.

Walking through the entrance, you’re immediately greeted by a huge display of posters, detailing every event of anything that that is going to happen in the City of Newcastle ever. From gigs of local musicians, to art exhibitions and plays, to in-house community projects such as writing groups held every week ‘@ the settle down cafe’, the walls are covered with information that leaves you with the feeling that there is so little of the city you know about but now you’re well informed.

Venturing past the wall of goings on, the counter is filled with an array of deli sandwiches: Uncommon breads? Check. Huge range of fillings ranging from unique to really unique? Check. Massive range of choice to suit all palettes? Check. This is an eatery that caters with the diversity of a city in mind.

With so much choice and Mrs J and I just wanting something to warm us up, we opted for the house special, sweet potato and coriander soup. We found a table and the soup was brought to us rather quickly. The soup was delicious. On a cold day I would definitely recommend it. It warmed me right through and although I usually grow bored of eating soup after a few mouthfuls (a whole bowl of something that tastes exactly the same? Come on, only cereal can pull that off) this soup left me wanting more with each spoonful. The bread that came with it was a nice touch too, a traditional bread from Newcastle known as a Stottie, which is both filling and tasty.

Upon leaving the cafe, I noticed a little room at the back filled with sofas, books and board games. I’ll be sure to check that out the next time I want to spend some time out of the cold with some soup and the buzz of the city.

The Settle Down Cafe can be found ‘ just around the corner from central station, just off westgate road on thornton street, next to tilleys bar’. For more information check out or follow them on Twitter (@settledown).

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