Baileys of Alnwick

When we (me, MrJ and the in-laws) travelled to Alnwick Food Festival on Saturday, we arrived there a tad early. It was too early to start tucking into samples of sausages and renaissance pies, so instead we decided to warm ourselves up with a morning hot chocolate and some buttery crumpets to brace ourselves (and our stomachs) for the rest of the day!

We went into Baileys, which I instantly adored for it’s quintessential charm. There were sofas, mix-matched pictures everywhere, fairy lights, a table with ornaments on glued to the ceiling, but yet, the cafe still felt airy and light!

MrJ and I ordered hot chocolates (mine had mini marshmallows on the top!) and crumpets. They were delicious! I would definitely recommend this place for anyone looking for a cafe in Alnwick. They do all sorts as well, their menu is quite extensive! I have seen on TripAdvisor that apparently this cafe gets really busy and sometimes you have to queue for a table! If that’s true, then we were very lucky as we had nearly the full cafe to ourselves!

Short and sweet. Just like my mini marshmallows!

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