Hill Head Farm

Hill Head Farm is located on an amazingly named street – Lizard Lane – in Whitburn. It has the most gorgeous view I have ever seen, as it is set on a hill overlooking the sea, and the sea today was a host of different shades due to the stormy and rainy weather. Looking out across the hill onto the water really does give you a Wurthering Heights kind-of feel!

A fabulously, old-fashioned tea room filled with charm and character. The high beams on the ceiling have ivy wrapped around them. The walls have clusters of crockery and shelves lined with home-made lemon curds and other condiments.
A big chalkboard proudly displays what food is on offer that day.

I opted for lasagne with salad, my mum got a jacket potato with salad and my dear great auntie ordered for quiche with mashed potato and vegetables.
The portion sizes are huge! I couldn’t finish my meal, and I was in a hungry mood too!
The atmosphere is so lovely. It’s full of warmth and is so friendly. We all joined in singing Happy Birthday as waitresses brought out a big muffin topped with a candle to one lucky diner, and we all clapped and applauded when the serenade had finished!

More frequented by the more elderly population than the young, this place oozes old-fashioned charm and is an excellent place to dine! They have a range of desserts on offer, and even sell glorious Minchella’s ice cream, as well as coffees and hot drinks.

Hill Head Farm is located on Lizard Lane, Whitburn. Open every day apart from Mondays!

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