JJ’s Kitchen

We had packed our bags and were getting ready to head to London for a weekend adventure, when we realised:
1. we had no food in the house
2. we were too lazy to walk to the supermarket and buy food and then cook it.
3. we had to leave in 1 hour!

My foodie bloggy brain started scratching around to see if I could somehow whip a cheap, hearty food place out of my head, and voila! I remembered JJ’s Kitchen! I had discovered them on Facebook and had always wanted to visit, especially since it was located so close to our home.

So, with a 1hr time limit, we strutted across to JJ’s Kitchen and each ordered sausages & mash (£3.90) and settled into their very comfy, and quirky surroundings. I really liked the decor. It was the perfect mix of modern and old-fashioned and the whole place had such a friendly, happy vibe as people from the industrial estate rushed in to grab a quick lunch, a couple came in for a lunch date and a gaggle of girls caught up with each other’s gossip.

We were astounded when our meals arrived. For £3.90 we had expected a bog standard sausages & mash, nothing too fancy; yet our plates were packed full with a fabulously big helping of mashed potato, sausages poking out the middle of it, and lots of peas and carrots, all drizzled in a lovely onion gravy. We started tucking in and I exclaimed to MrJ that this was proper home cooking, something your mum would make for you. MrJ responded, with a mouth full of mash, “it’s like a greasy spoon, without being greasy!’ I think he was spot on! It had a bistro/cafe vibe but instead of coming across as pretentious, it was just perfectly charming.

IMG_20130502_193710I absolutely love that bookcase. I love the way it’s grouped by colours. I’ll be doing that with my bookcases at home. Also, how comfy does that sofa look?


We soon realised we had to dash as we needed to grab our bags and head south. I was a bit disappointed that we couldn’t just sit and chill for longer, but I suppose there is always next time! (Especially because it’s literally on our doorstep!)

Thank you JJ’s Kitchen for giving us a fabulously quick and hearty lunch date! We are big fans, and promise to return soon.

JJ’s Kitchen can be found on 39 Saltmeadows Road, Gateshead. (Just down the road from Gateshead Stadium).
Also, check out their Facebook page for more information and menus.

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