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Scoop and Bean

You are going to think I’m crazy doing an ice cream review in October, especially when this morning (*EDIT – I started writing this on Tuesday!) was so foggy and cold and definitely Autumn weather, but by lunchtime in South Shields the sun was shining and I couldn’t resist stopping by new ice cream parlour Scoop […]

Man vs Food, South Shields

Now, I’m going to be honest with you here. Man Vs Food in South Shields (they also have a branch in Heaton as well) is not somewhere that I would ever choose to visit. I’m not into huge portions of meat smothered in BBQ sauces which is impossible to finish. However, I was not making […]

Nexus River Trips

I found something really cool that I wanted to share with you all! I’ve been wanting to explore our local area more; not just foodie places, but also cultural events, historic sites, local community activities and more! And I stumbled across Nexus River Trips online. Have you heard of them before or been on one […]

Da Vinci’s

I have a lot of girl cousins. I love it. Who knows you better than your family? Now that we’re older and not being shepherded round family birthday parties, we’ve made more of an effort to get together and have ‘girls nights’. One night recently, we all met up and sat around and talked about […]

Green Lane Fisheries

I love a good fish and chips. To me, there is nothing more satisfying than having a hot cardboard tray (or newspaper) filled with soft and salty chips, fresh white fish and a tremendous helping of batter – all doused in vinegar. Growing up in South Shields, I took for granted how amazing the fish […]


Do you want to eat delicious Thai food in an authentic setting? Yes? Then visit OrangeGrass! This restaurant is definitely a hidden gem. My cousin (who brought this fantastic restaurant to my attention) asked me last week why my blog hadn’t feature OrangeGrass yet as it was definitely underrated. I knew that I had to […]

Minchella & Co

This place holds so many memories for me. I grew up in South Shields, next to a bed and breakfast and with a beautiful view of the north sea. I spent all my free time with my best friends and family at the beach, and after I had been sufficiently cold and wet in the […]