Green Lane Fisheries

I love a good fish and chips. To me, there is nothing more satisfying than having a hot cardboard tray (or newspaper) filled with soft and salty chips, fresh white fish and a tremendous helping of batter – all doused in vinegar.

Growing up in South Shields, I took for granted how amazing the fish and chip shops are: being so close to the sea and having an abundance of fish on offer. As you move in more to the mainland, the fish is still tasty and the chips are still salty, but the sea freshness is missing. Also, one of my favourite things to do is to eat while parked up in my car by the sea. Do that with a tray of fish and chips and your best friend, and everything is right with the world.

Lots of people rave about Colmans or The Red Hut and how amazing their fish & chips are. However, I think I’ve found a competitor, who frankly beats both of these chippies hands down! Green Lane Fisheries was introduced to me by the in-laws, and I love it! I got a lemon sole and chips to share with my mother-in-law yesterday and ate nearly all the chips single-handedly, as well as polishing off a lot of the fish!

From the outside, Green Lane Fisheries looks like a bit of a shady place. It’s not located on Ocean Road where a lot of the fish & chips shops are, and doesn’t look like it has much to offer from the exterior. However, inside I felt right at home. The decor is so nautical and charming, and the staff were so friendly! They were working like bumblebees and dashing all over the place, but still managed to give me a friendly ‘Hello Pet/Love!’ and have a little banter while dishing up everyone’s orders. The price isn’t too bad either: £5.50 for a pretty generous portion of fish and chips

Locals came and went, shouting their order down the line as soon as they pushed open the door. They were greeted as old friends and it reminded me of a by-gone time where your greengrocer knew your grandma and your butcher knew your brother. As I smelled the greasy, fishy smell I realised how homely it felt, and maybe that’s why everyone loves fish and chips so much. It always reminds you of a forgotten memory. I doubt there aren’t many of us who don’t have a story of a chilly summer holiday or day trip to the beach made all the more better by having a newspaper filled with chips.

So next time you get the fish & chips craving (as they come to us all!), why not pop into Green Lane Fisheries instead of your local fish & chips place? I guarantee you’ll be full and happy!

Green Lane Fisheries is located on 250 Green Lane, South Shields, NE34 0TE.

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