Hei Hei

The weeks leading up to Christmas were jam-packed with parties, social gatherings, church, musical events and lots lots more! One evening, when I got in from a busy day at work and we only had a couple of hours before heading out the doors again, we decided we needed some ‘us’ time.

I checked our ‘Deals & Offers‘ page on the blog, to see if we could snatch a cheap and cheerful happy hour somewhere. I was in luck, past-Rosie (I love how organised she is!) had collected an idea to visit Hei Hei – a chinese restaurant in Newcastle city centre.

Off we quickly trot to Hei Hei  on Dean Street for their happy hour menu. (And what makes this even better, is the multi-storey car park on Dean Street is free to park in after 5pm!) We were greeted with friendly waiters, given a choice of where to sit and felt totally comfortable. Their happy hour menu had a large selection, and we agreed that we were both feeling hungry enough for 2 courses!

I ordered vegetable crispy spring rolls to start, followed by chicken with seasonal vegetables in oyster sauce. MrJ ordered spare ribs in fruity hot sauce and crispy shredded Szechuan beef to follow. Our starters arrived quickly, and after the first bite, we both looked up from our plates to make eye-contact. “This is the best thing we’ve ever tasted!” our eyes declared! We were overcome with how delicious our starters were. We eagerly looked forward to our mains arriving. They came, beautifully laid out on rectangular plates with a dome of  egg-fried rice at one side. I was happy to see that all the vegetables on my plate were authentic chinese vegetables, like chinese mushrooms and pak choi, which I love!

We gobbled everything up, remarking how tasty and unartificial the food tasted. Sometimes, especially with take-away chinese food, the flavours are made to suit an English pallet and filled with sweeteners, this didn’t seem to be the case at Hei Hei.

We have found our new favourite chinese restaurant. To be honest, we didn’t really have a favourite before. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m so fussy as my dad is Chinese and can cook delicious authentic dishes (I was definitely spoiled with chinese food when I lived at home!) so I never really rated chinese restaurant food. But, this place was great! It even had dishes my dad would get excited about like pork with black fungus!

We are definitely going to dine here again! Thumbs up from the both of us!

Hei Hei can be found at 46 Dean Street.

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