Da Vinci’s

I have a lot of girl cousins. I love it. Who knows you better than your family? Now that we’re older and not being shepherded round family birthday parties, we’ve made more of an effort to get together and have ‘girls nights’.

One night recently, we all met up and sat around and talked about how hungry we were. We laid out the suggestions of a curry on Ocean Road, a Toby carvery, pizza takeaways and much more. We weren’t after some posh do, we wanted cheap grub and fast! We decided on Toby Carvey and drove all the way there (barely 10mins in the car!) to discover the carvery wasn’t on that evening, as they had a party arriving later and didn’t have enough meat to cater for both! This is not the first time I’ve been disappointed by La Toby!

Out of sheer hangry (hungry + angry) desperation, we scoured the back of our brains for ideas. Suddenly, into my head popped Da Vinci’s, a little Italian restaurant nestled in between the fish & chip shops and curry restaurants on Ocean Road. I’d been there a year or two ago, and it was decent, so we raced across.

We were seated with no problem, and were delighted with the prices and variety of dishes on offer. We could choose from the usual pizza and pasta dishes, but there were also steak, fish, risotto, (fajhita!?) and burger dishes! However, we all went authentically Italian and ordered pasta and calzone dishes! I opted for the Pasta Romana – chicken, mushrooms and  onions in a creamy sauce. The portion size was perfect and tasted delicious!

DaVincis - South Shields

The service was quick, and the atmosphere was so chilled and relaxed that it made a fantastic venue for our girls’ night chatter. Waiters regularly checked on us to see if we needed drink top-ups, and the price was fantastic.

Da Vinci’s can be found at 80-82 Ocean Road, South Shields.
Check out their Facebook page (and if you book a table via their Facebook page, you get 15% off the a la carte menu!)

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