Brocksbushes Farm

We were so lucky to be invited to Brocksbushes Farm for #farmhousebreakfastweek.

Nothing says ‘breakfast’ better than a farmhouse breakfast. Ask anyone. If someone says “you know what… I’ve never had a farm house breakfast” then they need some serious culinary education. Luckily, Brocksbushes Farm provides all the education and deliciousness you could ever need.

Located 5 minutes from Corbridge and just a 15 minute drive from Newcastle City Centre, Brocksbushes serves up local, tasty food at a stellar price.

You know when they say a picture says a thousand words? Well, behold this!


We dined like breakfast kings! And because of all the awful, snowy weather last week, Brocksbushes have extended their #farmhousebreakfastweek until the end of this week! Now there really is no excuse to skip breakfast (especially when they are in such close driving distance from Newcastle! AND it’s on all day!)


Aside from the excellent tea room serving up hearty meals for body and soul, Brocksbushes also boasts a fantastic farm shop which is definitely worth a look. The shop itself is filled to the brim with fresh local produce, a huge array of cheeses (an instant winner in my book) and some stellar ready meals. Now, I know what images ‘ready meal’ usually conjure up and none of them are usually pleasant, but hear me out. Brocksbushes‘ ready meals are made onsite using their quality ingredients which are then foil packed ready to sell. There are some fantastic tasting dishes to choose from, and as an added bonus, they also sell massive desserts or ‘desserts for one’ to go along with your meal. I opted for the banoffee pie for one (it was staring me right in the face, there was nothing else I could’ve done except buy it) and it was without a doubt the best banoffee pie I’ve had to date. So, if you’re not won over by the sound of actual quality in a ready meal and fresh quality produce at least go to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Brockbushes Farm Shop

What I love about Brocksbushes is how it continues to evolve and develop to sustain itself and to bond and connect with the community. It’s not just a fruit-picking farm, it’s a farm that stocks local business’ produce in their farm shop, a farm that fills the half term holidays with fun for the children and their parents! (Check out their events page to see what they have planned for February Half Term!), a farm that has school educational visits and a tea room where after all the fun and games you can relax with a lovely cup of tea and some home-made bakewell tart! (And then buy your week’s shopping on your way out!)

I feel ashamed to think we had never visited Brocksbushes until last weekend. We’ve already been raving about it to everyone we’ve seen since. So, now we’re raving about it to you. If you love good quality produce and want to support a local, thriving business, Brocksbushes really is the place for you!

Brocksbushes Farm is located just 15mins outside of Newcsatle: off the A69 heading towards Corbridge. Their post code is NE43 7UB.

Check them out on Twitter.

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