Click & Collect Fish and Chips from Colman’s Seafood Temple, South Shields

I LOVE fish and chips. There’s just something so wonderful about tucking into a bag of freshly fried fish and chips – with the fish covered in a flaky, crispy batter that crunches before you unearth the white fleshy fish underneath.

And the best place to enjoy fish and chips is at the beach! We’re so lucky living in the North East, as there are so many great fish and chip restaurants and takeaways that serve top quality fish and chips. My favourite is Colman’s!

You can find them in South Shields either at their restaurant on Ocean Road or at the Seafood Temple right on the seafront!

On a sunny day at South Shields beach when I was young, someone would always be tasked to walk the lengthy distance from the seafront to the fish and chip shop on Ocean Road to stand in a long queue with everyone’s fish and chips orders – then to hurry back with the food before the chips got soggy and the fish got cold.

Thankfully in 2017 Colman’s Seafood Temple opened right on the seafront! The panoramic glass windows in the restaurant are the best setting to enjoy seafood with a view, but underneath the main restaurant is a takeaway that serves up their award-winning fish and chips which you can enjoy on your picnic blanket on the sand!


Now, although there are still queues on Ocean Road, there’s always a big queue of people waiting to get their fish and chips from Colman’s takeaway right on the seafront! But during lockdown they have started to offer a click and collect service for both their venues – and it’s absolutely brilliant! So brilliant, that I’ve ordered from them twice within the last month!

All you do is visit their website, then click on ‘order online‘. You choose your venue (Colman’s Seafood Temple is the one you want if you’re at the beach on South Shields seafront) and then the menu opens up. Pick your collection time and then tick what you want from the menu! It’ll even ask you if you want your fish and chips to come with salt and/or vinegar on, and you can choose sauces, sides and drinks too. To finish up, just pay online. You’ll get a confirmation of your order emailed to you (although both times I’ve done this, I’ve not been asked to show the confirmation order).


Your order will be ready at the exact time you chose to click and collect it!

Both times I casually strolled over from my picnic rug on the beach to the takeaway entrance, past the long queues of people ordering at the kiosk, arriving just as my name was shouted from the takeaway hatch!

I went up, grabbed my bag which was packed with my order, and then left to take it back to my picnic spot! No contact, no queuing, and instant click and collect! It is just perfect! I must admit I felt a bit smug that I didn’t have to wait and queue!


It’s so simple to do, and really made both my day trips to the beach hassle-free. One time I even placed the order while I was sat on the beach, knowing that I then only had to walk over for my click and collect time and everything would be ready!

The only thing I would say is that both times they came with no cutlery (not even a little wooden fork pick)! The first time, I just got messy and ate my fish and chips with my hands, the next time I came prepared and brought some picnic cutlery with me!

So, next time you venture to South Shields beach this summer and you’re hungry for fish and chips – remember that you can always click and collect!

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