JJ’s Kitchen

We had packed our bags and were getting ready to head to London for a weekend adventure, when we realised: 1. we had no food in the house 2. we were too lazy to walk to the supermarket and buy food and then cook it. 3. we had to leave in 1 hour! My foodie … Continue reading JJ’s Kitchen

Eats Cafe

We love the Grainger Market. If you've never been before, we whole-heartedly recommend it! It really is a foodie heaven, what with Pet Lamb Patisserie and Pizza by the Slice, as well as The Health Box and loads of delis packed to the brim with interesting and unique products. I had a day off work, … Continue reading Eats Cafe

Da Vinci’s

I have a lot of girl cousins. I love it. Who knows you better than your family? Now that we're older and not being shepherded round family birthday parties, we've made more of an effort to get together and have 'girls nights'. One night recently, we all met up and sat around and talked about … Continue reading Da Vinci’s