Thali Tray, Ouseburn

Thali Tray is one of my favourite places to eat at right now. I’ve visited at least three times, and it’s always been great. There you go, review done. Just kidding…

Thali Tray is an Indian street food eatery found at Arch2 Brewpub & Kitchen in Ouseburn (just up the hill from Ouseburn Farm/ The Ship Inn). You can’t miss it because the wall is painted bright green and it has huge lettering saying ‘THALI TRAY’.

Inside you’ll find the brewpub by Newcastle Brewing Ltd, run by son and father team Leo and Mike Bell, and the kitchen – Thali Tray – led by Josh Roberts which serves Indian street food on a compartmented tray.

Josh’s experience comes from when he did a six-month food tour of India and volunteered in kitchens out there. During this time, he worked in a range of places from famous 100-year-old restaurants to daily street food carts. He then launched Thail Tray as a mobile catering unit until joining forces with Newcastle Brewing Ltd at Arch 2, Ouseburn.

The menu is straightforward. There are a few sides/starters which you could enjoy alongside beers from Newcastle Brewing Ltd, but if you’re after some serious grub – you want a tray which include two curries, naan or puri bread, soyawadi tikka skewer, cardamom turmeric rice, lime pickles and fresh chillies.

You can choose which two curries you get in your tray – pick them yourself or choose from the set options listed (if it’s your first time, I highly recommend getting a ‘custom’ tray and choosing the Kerala Beef (medium heat) and the Kashmiri Takka Daal (mild). I absolutely love both of them.


The food is fresh, full of flavour and comes with a great variety to try on a tray. Also, the price is brilliant – with a tray like the one pictured above costing £8-£9. So for less than a tenner you can enjoy two curries, rice, naan or puri bread and extras. [NB. prices are now around £11-£12 for a tray]

Just a heads up for anyone planning on visiting – it’s card only for food… which shouldn’t really be a problem since most people are contactless these days!

You can choose to sit inside the brewpub which has some humble, rustic seating, or to sit outside around the fire pits (sometimes they put smores on!). They don’t take reservations unless you’re a party of six or more, and it can get busy at peak weekend times, but I’ve always got seated straight away when I’ve visited on the early evening.


It’s got such a laid-back vibe that it’s a fab place to meet with friends after work and have a catch up while enjoying some great food.

Add it to your list if you haven’t been already.

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