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We were invited for an evening of fun Indian dining at Dabbawal. This is how we got on… Before I started dating my husband, I never really ate Indian food. If I got a takeaway it would always be Chinese, and I’d never go to an Indian restaurant over an Italian restaurant. Now though, times […]


It was a cold, wet and windy evening as we drove to Haveli. To make it worse, traffic was terrible. I knew we were going to arrive later than our booked reservation. I gave them a quick call. A friendly voice greeted me on the other end and said “no problem”. When we arrived, the […]

Dabbawal Jesmond

Thanks again to our fantastic guest bloggers Laura and Vinny for this scrumptious foodie review! As fans of both Indian food and street food, we were excited to be invited to try out the new branch of Dabbawal, which opened in West Jesmond this summer. The original Dabbawal situated in Newcastle’s High Bridge street opened […]


We were so lucky to be invited to LuigiKhans for a dinner date. It was exactly what we needed! There’s this advertisement near to my house that I think is absolute genius. It’s advertising a Punjabi restaurant and there’s a picture of a naan bread with 3 words written across it: ‘There’s naan better’. I […]