5 Alternatives to Chain Restaurants in Newcastle

When confronted with choosing a place for dinner, it’s so easy to just end up at a chain restaurant – even if that wasn’t your intention! Why? They are reliable, there is usually something on the menu to please everyone, and they are everywhere. 

But we’re lucky in Newcastle to have lots of independent restaurants that are even better. 

Coop Chicken House

So the next time you’re craving chicken, head to Coop Chicken House. Their chicken is spit-roasted over a fire pit (aka delicious) and they have sauces ranging from mild to fiery hot that you can drench your chicken in. Plus, they have epic desserts.

Fat Hippo

Fancy burgers? They don’t come any better than Fat Hippo Underground. MrJ always gets the PB&J burger, and I usually stick with the good ol’ American. Visit between 5-6pm Monday to Friday for Happy Hour and enjoy 3 courses for £12.50.


We love Zapatista for cheap, tasty Mexican food. Their burritos are good, their salad bowls are good, their nachos are good… Basically, you can’t go wrong here. The portions are generous, the service is fast and the atmosphere is laid-back.

Cal’s Own

It might be a little out of the city centre, but a trip to Cal’s Own in Jesmond is worth it for the ultimate pizza fix. Their authentic Neapolitan pizzas have the perfect sourdough base and are cooked in a wood-fired oven. 

St Sushi

For sushi, there are quite a few independents to choose from, but we like St Sushi. A quick browse of the menu will give you over 100 options – but don’t panic if you’re a newbie to sushi. Order one of their special sushi sets and the pressure is off picking lots of individual dishes.

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