The Pudding Parlour

I’ve drooled over the American-style desserts from The Pudding Parlour from afar… until now. I was eagerly telling my husband that they had opened up a new shop in my beloved Grainger Market, and how we needed to go ASAP. He asked some more questions about it, as he’d never heard of them, so I gave him a quick spiel and told him they had shops in Morpeth and Hexham too, that their desserts looked lush, and we just needed to visit.

Anyway, I kind of forgot that I gave him this foodie rant (I do it often about a lot of places, so it’s hard to keep up with the newest one I’ve mentioned), so I was so surprised when he surprised me with a box of The Pudding Parlour treats. What? How? – ‘I had a meeting in Morpeth and decided to pop in’, he replied. I married a good’un.


He chose four desserts to share between us and my sister and her fiance: caramel snickerdoodle, twix cheesecake, cookie dough pie and a peanut butter and chocolate brownie/cake thing.


We halved all the desserts so each couple could try a bit of everything. Hands down, the peanut butter dessert was our favourite. The frosting was delicious and mixed with the intense chocolate flavour it gave us all a sugar rush! Our second joint favourites were the caramel snickerdoodle and cookie dough pie – I love cookie-anything and was a bit jealous that we decided to split the desserts as I could have eaten this whole slice warmed, with ice cream. The caramel snickerdoodle had a subtle flavour and although we could taste the caramel a little, it wasn’t overpowering. The twix cheesecake was good, but we thought that it tasted too strongly of cheese and not of chocolate or twix.

Between us, we couldn’t finish any of the desserts and have the leftovers in the fridge. I’m sure they’ll get demolished by the end of the night!

Haven’t heard of The Pudding Parlour? Check out their website here.
If you have been before, what desserts do you recommend we get next?

2 thoughts on “The Pudding Parlour

  1. newgirlintoon says:

    A definite keeper!

    We got a big box full from Grainger Market on Mondsy and have cut each one in two to share. This has meant we’ve had cake and a cuppa every night this week. We ate our last piece yesterday – gutted!

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