Marco Pierre White Steakhouse & Grill

We’ve loved the Marco Pierre White Steakhouse at Hotel Indigo for as long as this blog has been going. In fact, they were the first restaurant to ever approach us about doing a food review. (You can read it here if you like, now that’s digging way back into the archives of 2012!) So, when they got in touch again to ask if we’d like to revisit and try their new menu, well, we couldn’t have been happier.

MPW is (in our opinion) a class act in Newcastle. It is perfect for so many occasions: a dinner date, a celebratory meal – whether it’s a graduation, promotion or engagement, entertaining folks from out of town, sealing a business deal… there’s so many reasons to come here.

We’ve visited a few times, and every time the service is excellent. The waiters know what they’re talking about – they’re friendly and know the menu well – especially our server for the night, Houman, who charmed more tables than just ours! I really like the atmosphere at MPW. It’s formal with linen table clothes and lovely decor, but with the open kitchen you can hear the sizzling and busyness of the kitchen now and again, so you don’t have to worry about raising your voice above a whisper.


Well, I know you’ve come here mainly to see pictures of what we ate, so I hope you enjoy this overload. The food was presented so prettily that I couldn’t help snapping away! (If you’re interested, you can view the full menu here).

For drinks, we ordered from the mocktail menu. A Thai Daiquiri for me, and a Mint Crisp for MrJ. Considering they have such a large cocktail menu, it would have been nice if there were more than four options for mocktails, but I’m sure the staff would have been happy to accommodate and alter drinks for us if we had requested it! And we were more than happy sipping on these.

I decided to try something I had never had before for my starter – Baked Camembert. I like cheese, but was worried it might be too much. It wasn’t. I really enjoyed dipping my toasted sourdough in the gooey, melted cheese. MrJ decided to join me and order another cheesy dish – the Welsh Rarebit with Poached Egg. I do love a good poached egg (wait until you see what I ordered for my main!). He enjoyed it and said his poached egg was cooked exactly right, and seasoned well.


In between the starters and mains, we were served a lemon sorbet to cleanse the palate. It was refreshing and zingy, and the perfect size – served in a large glass.


My main, oh boy, if I was to create a list of my top 5 favourite dishes in a restaurant, I’m not kidding, this would be on it. Macaroni of Wild Mushrooms with a Poached Egg. I love mushrooms. It’s one of those ingredients that if I see on a menu, it makes me more inclined to order it. My husband thought I was crazy. (‘There are soooooo many better dishes you could choose. Mushrooms?’) My friends and family said the same thing when I recounted our experience to them. I stand by what I said – TOP FIVE dish. It was stunning. The sauce was more like a broth: thick, creamy and delicious. There were large shavings of parmesan cheese all over the top. The poached egg dipped in the sauce was incredible. I’m just gushing now, but believe me it was fab. If you like the flavour of mushrooms, you would love this dish.


MrJ was just as complimentary about his main course (thought not as much as me, I definitely had the best dish on the menu!) He ordered Roast Rump of Lamb À La Dijonnaise which was served with haricot verts, potatoes Dauphinoise and roasting juices. He asked for his meat to be served ‘just pink’ and he remarked on how it was exactly how he liked it (why do so many places get it wrong?). His lamb came with a herb crumb which was delicious and the little purees across the plate added another element (‘Can I have my carrots served in puree form from now on?’ ‘Errrrr…’)


Our waiter asked if we wanted the dessert menus. We did, but we were so full. How would we manage it? No problem he said, he’d give us 10mins and then come over to take our order. We were grateful. We struggled to choose between desserts, and he kindly suggested that we could sample one dessert as a ‘pre-dessert’ that the chef wanted to do for us. Yes please! So we had a small helping of the Maple and Pecan Cake with Mango and Passionfruit Sorbet. I immediately regretted that this wasn’t my main dessert, but the thought of my Cambridge Burnt Cream was enough to keep me intrigued. It was like a creme brulee but with a slightly more creamy rather than caramel flavour. It was delicious, and the perfect dessert if you’re not wanting something so heavy after eating a big meal.


MrJ on the other hand, went the full hog and ordered the Chicago Chocolate Brownie. Ever the chocoholic. When he started tucking into it, he seemed to lose the ability so speak in coherent sentences, instead he exclaimed adjectives like ‘fantastic’ ‘awesome’ ‘amazing’. I told him to calm down as no brownie could be THAT good (especially since I think I make the best brownies of all time), but no, he was adamant that this was an ‘exceptional’ brownie (don’t mind me, I’m just sobbing into my baking tin!)


Our dinner date at MPW was fantastic. It really is a cut above so many of the restaurants in Newcastle. If you don’t want to do the whole a la carte hog like we did, there are other options such as the early bird menu (three courses for £25) or the set menu of two courses for £27 or three courses for £30. We think it’s the perfect place for a special occasion, but if you don’t have a particular reason to celebrate, we suggest you treat yourself!

Marco Pierre White Steakhouse can be found on the ground floor of Hotel Indigo, on Fenkle Street (which is just a very short walk from Central Station).

2 thoughts on “Marco Pierre White Steakhouse & Grill

  1. newgirlintoon says:

    I haven’t been to MPW for ages! Thank you so much for the reminder, the food looks amazing! I think we’ll head back again soon!

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