I work just around the corner from Revolution in Newcastle, so when they got in touch and asked whether we wanted to try their new menu, I immediately said yes, and booked us a date for that week.

I love the interior of Revolution. If it wasn’t a bar/restaurant it would make a great place for a wedding with its ornate ceiling, white pillars and grand bar counter.



We were seated straight away, and even though they were so busy, the waitresses took the time to explain the menu to us and make us feel relaxed and comfortable. We ordered some mocktails (they do great mocktails here!) and we also had a jug of ice water on our table too. I love when places do that without saying, like in America.  I know it can look a little cheap just asking for a jug of water, but I get so thirsty when I’m eating! So it was nice that they did it without me asking!


We decided to share a small plate of Oaky Smoky Houmous for our starter. I must admit, I was really impressed with this dish. The houmous came in a small mason jar on a white player with a stack of carrot sticks, chopped red and green peppers and soft, chewy dough sticks. There was so much food and it was such a refreshing starter. I usually dislike houmous, but I absolutely loved this starter.


For mains, I got the Pork, Sage and Apple Pizza. It was thin and crispy, and the topping was delicious. I also liked that they gave me a pizza cutter so I didn’t have to struggle cutting it with a blunt knife and fork. Mr J ordered the Brooklyn Chicken Burger – fried chicken, bacon and smoked cheddar cheese, served with chipotle sauce, big easy mayo and fried pickles. He hates pickles so asked for them to be taken out, the waitresses said ‘They’re really good, how about I just put them on the side of your plate?’. He, reluctantly agreed. His monstrous burger arrived with a pot of chips, and the fried pickles on the side. He reluctantly tried one. He loved it. He said ‘Put this on the blog, Revolution have made me like pickles!’. So here it is, on the blog. I usually have a love-hate relationship with pickles, and this time it was a definite love relationship. They were so crunchy and delicious. Thumbs up from us both!



I couldn’t finish my pizza, so the staff kindly boxed it up for me to take away, which made me very happy, as that was lunch for the next day sorted (or maybe breakfast… I love cold pizza for breakfast!)


We couldn’t fit in room for dessert, but we’re definitely going back in the next few weeks, so we’ll try their dessert menu then. The Salted Caramel Chocolate Fondue is calling our names!

Collingwood Street, Newcastle (close to Central Station)
Find them on Twitter and Facebook too.

One thought on “Revolution

  1. Chloe - New Girl In Toon says:

    What do you mean you didn’t have room for pudding … SHOCKING! 😛

    Revolution is somewhere I never think to go and eat .. it’s hard to think about it beyond being a place to drink.

    I’ve had a look at the menu though and there are some very tempting looking dishes so I will have to give it a go at some point – there I go, adding another restaurant to the list!

    Chloe x

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