La Petite Creperie

UPDATE: La Petite Creperie is now closed in the Grainger Market. You’ll find them at the Newcastle Quayside Sunday Market, as well as pop-up street food events across the North East.

We love La Petite Creperie – a delicious crepes and galettes shop in the Grainger Market run by two Julien and Fred.


I went to sample their delicious French galettes one lunch time. As, I was standing in the queue, I heard Julien talk to the girl being served about scobberlotch blog! She has a gluten intolerance and loved that La Petite Creperie‘s galettes are gluten-free! Julien told her to look on our blog for more gluten-free options! Thanks for spreading the word!


I tried the most famous galette – ham, egg and cheese. It was amazing. So thin, but so filling. I also noticed that I had arrived at a good time, as ten minutes later there was a hoard of students all eager to get a tasty lunch.


Next time I go, I’m definitely going to try a sweet crepe! There’s just so many choices! Fred kindly let me sample some of the Speculoos Biscuit spread which tastes exactly like a digestive biscuit, but with a smooth peanut butter kind of texture. It was different, but very good. Apparently it’s easy to buy in France, but not so easy over here!

Because we hit it off so well, we asked if they would do a Q&A with us:

How did you two meet?
We met via a friend we had in common. I was already living in Newcastle, while Fred was visiting from Paris. He stayed over for a week, loved it and said he would be back shortly. A month later he was back for good!

Why did you start a business selling crepes and galettes?
We literally fell in love with Newcastle! The city centre, the coast, the country side, St James Park.. everything Newcastle has to offer. We wanted to give something back! Something authentic and traditional, so we decided to share our love for crepes and galettes.

What is your favourite flavour combination?
A customer asked for some blue cheese recently. So we made a galette specially for her. It was blue cheese, pear, rocket and walnuts, and trust me it was delicious! It’ll definitely be added on the menu at some point! ‎But just like pizza, combinations are unlimited! We just can’t wait to show our customers all our great recipes!

What do you think is your bestseller?
In terms of sweet crepes : our home made salted butter is a must! Fred makes it perfectly, and lots of customers have already said that it’s the best they have ever had.
Regarding the savoury, the traditional galette  (ham, emmental cheese and egg) is our best seller. It is also the most popular in France, and for us probably the closest equivalent to your English breakfast.

What other businesses do you like in the Grainger Market?
There are a few businesses we love and where we actually shop. Slice pizza, mmm, sloppy Joes, French oven, Pet lamb, Armstrong fruit and veg… to name a few. We love the market as it reminds us of the atmosphere of traditional French markets. And we’re also very proud to work in such an historic and iconic place!

Has anyone famous eaten your crepes/galettes?
Most of the French NUFC players come regularly for their crepe fix. Sissoko and Obertan are often here. And so were former players now out on loan such as Marveaux or Yanga-Mbiwa. A couple of weeks ago we also served Eric Lanlard, the French chef patissier.

If you haven’t tried La Petite Creperie‘s delicious crepes and galettes yet, make sure you right it down on your foodie to-do list!

Find them at the Grainger Market, and on Facebook and Twitter.

5 thoughts on “La Petite Creperie

  1. Tony Max says:

    Top class Crepes in Newcastle. The best I had, and coming back from Dubai to have a taste of them again in November…. Oulala…
    Top service too and very clean. Would recommend it to anyone passing by the centre!! And also for your parties and gathering around. 🙂

    Keep calm and eat crepes from “la petite creperie Newcastle”

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