COOP Chicken House

MrJ and Will grabbed some lunch at COOP Chicken House. Thanks Will for doing a write-up for Scobberlotch!

We planned on going to another Newcastle establishment this afternoon but unfortunately it was closed so we wandered round for a little bit before making an impromptu and spontaneous stop at COOP Chicken House on Collingwood Street. The fact that the place we were originally going to go to was closed was a true blessing in disguise; without it we wouldn’t have stumbled upon the glistening gem that is COOP Chicken House.

There were 3 main options: a quarter of a chicken, half a chicken or a whole chicken. We opted for half a chicken to share and seeing as it was lunchtime / the afternoon, two sides came included in the price so we went for fries and ratatouille. You could also get shots of spicy sauces to accompany you dishes (to pour not to down, I assume!) but neither of us were brave enough so we just stuck to plain chicken.

The chicken was lovely, it had crispy, tasty skin and the meat was succulent, tasty and full of flavour. The fries were thin and crispy but light and fluffy in the middle. Another plus point was that they weren’t covered in salt like some well known chains’ fries are. I’m not normally a massive ratatouille fan but this one was easily in the top 3 that I’ve ever had, it wasn’t too juicy, had a good amount of chunky veg in it and bizarrely had undertones of coconut. That sounds weird but it wasn’t, it was really subtle but really nice.

The décor and layout of the restaurant was simple and modern yet classy and totally unpretentious. The waiting staff were all really enthusiastic, helpful and attentive. I really enjoyed my meal at the COOP Chicken House; to me it was like a nicer, chicer, better value for money version of Nando’s. I will definitely be going again. For all chicken lovers this place comes highly recommended.

(images from COOP Chicken House – since the boys were so busy tucking into their delicious food that they forgot to take any!)

Find COOP Chicken House on 25 Collingwood Street (near Central Station).

They do a student offer of 20% off your food bill on Mondays + bottomless soft drink refills!

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