St Sushi – Delivered

So, we know we’ve already written a blog post on St Sushi before, but we wanted to write another one about their takeaway service.

It was a Saturday evening and pre-baby that meant 99% of the time that we’d be in a restaurant. We’re still getting to grips with Life With Baby and although we don’t mind her occasional witching hour howls, we think other diners would! Who wants a crying baby sat next to you? Answer: no one.

So being the considerate folk that we are, we looked for another way to enjoy delicious restaurant food but at home, where only we hear the little one’s cries, and we can always put our meal on pause to take her to bed or give her a bath.

Unfortunately Deliveroo don’t deliver to our postcode (we’re just across the water in NE8, Gateshead. Come to us!) so they were a big fat no.

I fancied noodle soup. We had had good noodle soup from St Sushi before. One Facebook stalk later, and we discovered that they now deliver. Yay!

We called, placed our order and were told that because we were within a 3-mile radius of the restaurant it was only £1 for delivery. Paying £1 extra for restaurant food to be DELIVERED to our own home? Love it!

We asked for it to arrive around 6pm-ish, and I received a text at around 5.45pm which showed that my order was on route, and I could track it myself. I could see when the car had crossed the bridge, when it was approaching my estate, and when it had pulled into my street! So I looked out of the window for some sort of delivery van, or little car with St Sushi branded on the side. Instead a very nice looking BMW pulled up, with our order in the boot!

We had both ordered the exact same thing we had ordered before when we visited their restaurant – pork miso big noodle soup. Did it taste just as good? It tasted exactly the same, and I loved how they gave us the broth in a separate container so that we still had some crispy veg and non-soggy noodles.


As we tucked in Mr J asked if this could become our ‘local’ instead of a chinese or pizza takeaway. I liked the sound of that!

We had so much broth that we decided to save some of it, and popped the half-full containers in the fridge. The next day we served it with some boiled Chinese dumplings (Fresh Asia are our favourite brand and can be found in the frozen section of Chinese supermarkets). It was delicious!

St Sushi can be found on 89-93 Westgate Road, Newcastle.

6 thoughts on “St Sushi – Delivered

  1. nomipalony says:

    We had a st sushi delivery before (we must be close-ish to you, in Hebburn) but they’ve since stopped delivering this far. Gutted as I love their food!

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