The Fat Hippo

If you’re a uni student and you live in the Jesmond area, chances are that you’ve dined at least once at The Fat Hippo. However, when we visited on a busy evening one night, it wasn’t just packed with students but couples and families as well. We hadn’t made a reservation (not knowing how busy and well-liked this place was), but a kind waiter managed to do some shifting around and got us seated as long as we promised to be done within the hour. No problem for us! So with happy faces, ready to be satisfied with juicy burgers, we turned to our menus.

I decided to go for the Bog Standard burger (plus with cheese for an extra 75p) while MrJ decided to go for the Texas BBQ (anything with BBQ sauce and he can’t say no!) Each burger came with triple fried handcuts. So, after ordering some lemonades and dips for our chips as well we were good to go!

One thing I really liked about The Fat Hippo was the ambiance, the place oozed a low-key charm and character that made you feel perfectly comfy to sit, chat and eat burgers.

Our burgers arrived, and were beautifully presented. I loved the wooden platter boards, the little silver bucket filled with FAT chips, and how the gherkins were laid to the side, because not everyone likes their burgers stuffed with pickle!

The burgers tasted delicious, not American, fast-food style, but proper homemade, good quality beef style. You can tell that their meat is locally produced and that they are freshly prepared.


IMG_20130216_193816Now, may I just take a moment to talk about these thrice fried chips. They are the best chips I have ever tasted in my life. Isn’t that great when you go somewhere known for their burgers, and the side is just as talk-worthy? I think it’s fantastic.

Overall, a fantastic burger place, where emphasis is on the quality and freshness of the meat. Truly a brill little place. I also love that they’ve got a pop-up ‘slider bar’, early bird breakfasts and a deli. So, no matter where or what you fancy, you can tuck into something from The Fat Hippo.

AND, if you like a good deal then you should check out their Happy Hour deal on our ‘Deals & Offers’ page! Which is an absolute steal!

You can view The Fat Hippo‘s mouth-watering menu here. (I think, next time, I will have to pace myself so I have room for dessert as their desserts look fab!)
You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook.
The Fat Hippo is located on 35a St George’s Terrace, West Jesmond.

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