Street Spice Food Festival (part 2!)

Our night at Street Spice looked a little like this:

IMG_20130228_163826Street Spice is located at Times Square (Life Centre), Newcastle. Today is the final day! So get yourself there from 12pm-10pm!


We had heard great thing about The Rib Man, so MrJ was straight in there (since we missed him at Urban Night Feast!) and got a massive meat sandwich (£6)  and smothered it in hot sauce, which was incredibly hot! I went to the Sachins stall, the organisers behind the event, and got a Samosa Chaat which was such good value for money at £3 and absolutely delicious (and not too spicy! I’m such a wuss with spicy food!)

IMG_20130302_110128Walking around, all I could think was “Wow, this atmosphere is amazing!” The marquee had dangling chandeliers, tv screens, coloured walls and hard wooden floors. It was very luxurious and made for a great food party atmosphere!






There was so much hustle and bustle, yet hardly any queuing times to get your food, which was really impressive. The variety of food on offer was great; I walked round everything at least 3 times before I could settle on what I was going to get! You could get crab bhajis or monk fish from Riley’s Fish Shack, shrimp and prawn paella from another stand, and chocolate, chilli and tequila brownies from another stall if you were really adventurous (just to name a few!)

They also had sweet treats on offer from French Oven, and a gorgeous cupcake stand where I bought a raspberry and white chocolate cupcake (£1.50) and my friend got a ferrero rocher one! Yum! It was nice to have something sweet after so much spiciness!

We had an amazing time – and it is definitely the place to be in Newcastle today! Don’t miss out!

See part 1 of our blog review on Street Spice Food Festival for more details!


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