Grainger Market: Pizza By The Slice & Pet Lamb Patisserie

The sun was shining. The siblings were arriving. And a day-out to Newcastle was proposed in the hope of finding a guitar. After a miracle of good luck, a guitar was bought and we happily sought for lunch. Our destination was the Grainger Market, a Grade I listed building dating back to 1835 which houses a fantastic indoor market. It truly is an under-rated gem. We made a bee-line for Slice: Pizza By The Slice a small pizza shop that is run by an Italian family who cook fantastic pizzas! A slice of pizza costs £1.70 (magherita) or £1.90 for a pizza with topping, and the slices they give you are absolutely huge! They also sell out as fast as they cook, so best not to visit here during lunch time hours as you may not have a lot of choice!

See! There is only one lonely slice of pizza left! The turnaround time for fresh pizzas is pretty quick though, and we only had to wait 3 1/2 minutes until 2 delicious, fresh pizzas came out of the oven! As well as selling slices of pizza to hungry lunchers, they also provide whole take-away pizzas which you can pre-order! However, my slice was so big that the idea of ordering a full-sized pizza is a bit daunting! I was happy with my one slice of salamino pizza!

I always have to have something sweet after lunch or dinner, whether it be fruit, yoghurts, biscuits, cakes or chocolate (it’s mainly chocolate, is that bad?) So, I suggested to our little clan that we should check out Pet Lamb Patisserie. They sell delicious cakes and cupcakes, and I had bought cupcakes from them before at a Cupcake Festival in Newcastle once upon a time. On Saturday they had just opened their first shop in Grainger Market, and I knew that this is where my ‘something sweet’ was going to come from! After a couple of minutes searching, MrJ found them! Us girls looked at the little shop and screamed in delight of how beautiful the cakes were. We then screamed again when we realised they had a KitchenAid! The ultimate dream for any baking connoisseurs! We then sighed when the Pet Lamb girls told us they owned two! Pet Lamb Patisserie didn’t have a huge selection of cakes (maybe about 8 to choose from) but they all looked so good, that we were still spoilt for choice! We decided to get a box of 4 treats for £5.

Two salted caramel cupcakes, one vanilla cupcake (the bright pink one! That’s mine!) and a fresh-out-of-the-oven banana and chocolate chip cake slice! I like them even more because they put all these treats into a lovely brown paper bag.
We took our cakey treats outside, and sat on the steps at Monument, Newcastle in the glorious sunshine and watched the Olympics on a big screen whilst tucking into our desserts. Bliss!

P.S. Don’t be scared by the ratio of icing to cake. The icing is soft and melts in your mouth and is definitely perfect!

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