Amy’s Bread

A morning adventure, in search of breakfast, led us to this gorgeous little bakery tucked away in Chelsea Market, New York.

Chelsea Market is one of my favourite places. It has lots of different, specialised shops selling food products such as Milk Bar, Hale and Hearty Soups and the Lobster Place where you can buy a whole, cooked lobster for $12! (And for seafood lovers out there – they have tanks filled of live lobsters for you to choose from!).  And this whole ‘market’ is housed in the old National Biscuit factory where the Oreo cookie was invented. (Interesting fact for you all!)

The place has such a brilliant vibe and atmosphere, and I definitely could wine and dine myself silly at all the amazing little restaurants and cafes (did I mention they have a Hot Chocolate bar?)
As soon as I saw Amy’s Bread, I knew where we were having breakfast!

The choice of breads and bakery treats on offer were amazing. We just stood their gawking at all they had to offer, in such a small little space, knowing we were in for lovely breakfast! MrJ decided on two chocolate twists and I had a big, fat blueberry muffin. The bakery had a intriguingly european feel about it, and I could just picture myself coming there every morning, with a wicker basket under my arm, and buying basketfuls of bread!

Chelsea Market is located at 75 9th Ave, (between 15th and 16th streets).

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