Quilliam Brothers

Quilliam Brothers has been at the top of my ‘must-visit’ places for some time now. It’s a teahouse with a very European, continental feel, and a home cinema in the basement. Located close to the Hancock Museum, it’s in a prime location for students, and extremely popular, judging by the queues sometimes waiting to be seated.

Luckily, when we arrived just after noon one Saturday it wasn’t busy and we got seated immediately. The tea menu is a book in itself, with pages and pages of different types of teas from all over the world. I chose a herbal cinnamon fruity tea (the name escapes me!), while MrJ got a peppermint and ginger tea.

Each tea arrives in a lovely plump teapot, with a little pot of honey and a vintage-style teacup and saucer. I was thrilled.


As I sipped on my tea, I tried to decide what to eat for lunch. There’s a range of options, from hot stotties (I love stotties, and love that Quilliams have embraced this Geordie delicacy), to frittatas and baked goods. MrJ went for The Big Q stottie, and I went for a slice of sweet potato frittata with chilli tomatoes.


When our food arrived, I was really impressed with the portion sizes, and the lovely salad and roasted new potatoes accompanying it.


IMG_20150207_135747030_HDRBoth lunches were delicious. I think I might have found my new favourite lunch spot. Although I found my chilli tomatoes quite spicy (spice-wuss over here!), I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of my meal, even down to the vinaigrette on my salad.

We polished off our food fairly quickly, but then sat and passed the time drinking more tea (you get a good three cups of tea from the one teapot) and eyeing up the bakery counter.


We didn’t get anything this time. But, their danishes are calling my name! Also, don’t you love how all the different teas are stored in their own numbered tin? Looks very cool.

I think Quilliams is a wonderful addition to the food/drink scene in Newcastle, and regret that it’s taken me till now to visit. It so easily could have been pretentious, but the staff are warm and friendly, and anyone is welcome. There were families choosing cakes, a mother and daughter having a catch-up and people on first-time dates. It really is perfect. Oh, and they even have a stack of boardgames in the corner that you can help yourself too. (I’m too competitive, and might have embarrassed myself a little, so we left them where they were!)

My only complaint is that everyone loves this teahouse, so soon it’ll be hard to grab a table ( – Quilliams, please always save one for me!)

Quilliam Brothers can be found at 1 Eldon Place, Claremont Buildings, Newcastle
Check them out on Twitter too!



11 thoughts on “Quilliam Brothers

  1. Chloe - New Girl In Toon says:

    I was supposed to be going here on Monday with a little group of bloggers but then people got ill (and I stupidly forgot the date!) so we’ve had to postpone!

    I’ve been wanting to go properly for ages, I popped in once, over a year ago but just for a cuppa. I REALLY want to try out the food! Wow it looks good!

    Chloe x

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