Shark Club – Wing Wednesday

Our friend Dan happily wrote about his recent chicken wings experience with MrJ. Enjoy! 

I’ll tell you straight off, me and wings had a big fall out several years back when I made the fatal error of trying some cheap microwave chicken wings from Iceland. Why, you ask? All I can say is: student. Broke. Hungry. Desperate. But, I recently saw the light and was born again. It all started when a friend had been threatening to take me to The Shark Club after he too had seen the light. He said the chicken wings at Shark Club were only 25p each after 3pm on Wing Wednesday.

[12.04.2019 update: wings are no longer 25p each at Shark Club, but 37p each. And the deal is on a Wednesday AND a Friday now.]

He had my attention. Then he said, not only was the price great at Shark Club, but the chicken wings tasted great too. I was sold. Ready to put my Iceland nightmare aside, we organised our man date and set our sights on devouring as many chicken wings as possible.

The ‘Jolly Boys Outing’ arrived. We strolled into the Shark Club around 4pm and immediately got a table. It seemed a good time to go as it wasn’t too busy, so it had a relaxed atmosphere. What my compatriot didn’t mention was that as well as wings being plenty in stock, (and attractive waitresses might I add) there were lots of large HD plasma TV’s dotted all over the place showing football. So not only would I be devouring wings with a good mate, I’d be doing it in a stylish modern bar whilst watching goals fly in. This atmosphere was perfect for a feast and a catch up.

To my surprise there was a selection of six wing flavours to choose from. Golden Shark, Salt & Pepper, Hot, Suicide, Jack Daniels Bourbon, and Teriyaki.

[12.04.2019 update: There are now 10 flavours to choose from. As well as the ones listed above, there’s also Smoked Parmesan, Korean BBQ, Sriracha Honey and Mexican Street.]

Things were just getting better and better. I knew Salt & Pepper would be a safe bet so I ordered 10 of them, and then I went for a risk, and ordered 10 Golden Shark. Would it be a gamble that paid off? Hell yes. I took one bite out of the first ‘Golden Shark’ wing and knew this would be the first of many Wing Wednesday outings. The flavour was tangy, and had depth, and very moreish. They had just a nice amount of kick, but yet didn’t overpower the flavour. As for Salt & Pepper, they really were that safe and enjoyable bet. Crispy batter with that nice blend of seasoning. The flavours were lush, and the quality of the meat was excellent. I think I managed 19 wings altogether and then admitted defeat. I was stuffed. What made it even better was the pleasant feeling (Instead of that dreaded feeling) when I saw the bill and realised we’d had a feast fit for a king for such a low price. My wing nightmare several years back as a student truly had been put to rest.

8630_10152921474880183_1199866589_n (1)

So whether you’re a student wanting to chat with a mate and spend just a little, or wanting an afternoon out with the lads in a relaxed sporting atmosphere, or you fancy a good place to watch the match that serves decent grub, definitely hit up The Shark Club.

Long live Wing Wednesday.

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