Street Spice Food Festival

I love living in the North-East. You can drive for 15mins and be in a tearoom of a quaint farm shop, drinking steaming cups of cocoa and eating home-made bakewell slices. You can also walk around the city centre and find bustling market stalls selling fruit, cakes and meat for the fraction of prices you pay in the supermarkets (a punnet of red grapes for 80p? Thank you).

But then, you can also have food events like this:

And that is why I love living where I do. We don’t need to travel far to get the best of the best in food, and we have plenty of festivals and events throughout the year that celebrate all different types of food and cultures. (I mean, on Sunday gone we just had a dragon dance it’s way down Stowell Street for Chinese New Year!)

Street Spice looks like it’s going to be an amazing couple of days, with so many local businesses and foodies coming together to produce something extra hot!

As well as having a lot of fun and a lot of food, there’s a real purpose behind Street Spice, which is to raise money for Brain Tumour UK.

Newcastle’s most popular Indian Restaurant – Sachins have decided to put a little heat into your winter and are organising a world spice food festival – with a difference.

The event is in aid of Kuly Ral, who unfortunately died earlier in the year from a brain tumour. Geeta Ral was married to Kuly and mother of his three year old daughter. Geeta is also the sister of Neeta Arora from Sachins, hence this charity is something close to both her and Bob’s heart. The charity Brain Tumour UK will be the beneficiary of all funds raised and it is hoped that one day a cure for brain tumours can be found.

Street Spice @ Life will take place in a huge marquee at the Centre for Life kicking off on Thursday 28th of February continuing on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd March 2013. Hundreds of spicy food experts will gather together to create the North East’s largest Spice Food Festival, with a fusion of different tastes, cultures and experiences – a must for gastronomes everywhere.

The event will be free to enter, easy to access and with hundreds of partners serving up delicious spicy street fare at affordable prices. it’s guaranteed to be on the lips of foodies right across the North East….The event will play host to some of the finest (and even some celebrity) chef’s in the country with everything from Bollywood dancers to authentic food demonstrators from experts in their field. An array of food, entertainment from all cultures and the chance to experience the first Asian street food festival that Newcastle has ever seen.’

Why not join in and have a wonderful time sampling delicious food, but also with the knowledge that you are helping out a greater cause?

For more details see the Street Spice website, Facebook page or Twitter.

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