Weekly Meal Plan #1

Weekly Meal Plan

New for this year, I’m going to introduce weekly meal plans.

I meal plan every week and have done for a few years. It helps me to feel organised and prepared for what our family is eating for the week ahead, and I’m sure it saves us a lot more money with the food shop than if I was impulse-buying or popping to the shop multiple times a week.

I love having a good nosy at what other people make for dinner in their own homes, so maybe you’ll enjoy the same. Also, I know that I’m a food blogger and in my day job I’m an editorial writer for a food magazine, but that doesn’t mean that it’s always posh nosh or gourmet cuisine at home. I’m also a mum to a toddler and like anything that gets the food on the table in record time!

These weekly meal plans will not be weekly in occurrence, but I’ll try to get them up semi-regularly throughout the year. Also, this isn’t going to be a lowdown of all the food I buy in my weekly shop, but what I’m cooking for our dinners on the weekdays, and I’ll link to recipes when I can.

So, for this week, here’s the plan:

MONDAY: meatballs in a tomato sauce with rice.

TUESDAY: vegetable Chinese dumplings and beansprout noodle soup.

WEDNESDAY: savoury mince stew with veg, mashed potato and yorkshire puddings.

THURSDAY: black bean chicken and green beans stir fry with rice.

FRIDAY: spaghetti carbonara. (I use this recipe every time and it never fails me. And, it’s super quick, ready in the time it takes to boil the pasta).


Let me know if you want more details about the meals, or comment with what you’re eating this week!

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