Kracklin, Newcastle

With a name that invokes the memory of my favourite part of a pork joint, I felt compelled to eat here. Crackling done right is an experience, an experience far removed from the pork scratchings that occupy good bar space and are left to gather dust. It’s salt, it’s fat, it’s everything bad for you, but it’s so full of flavour I can’t help but eat it anyway. Likewise, whenever I walk past Kracklin, situated on Market Street, Newcastle (just past the Theatre Royal), I can’t help but stop by and order something from the menu.

Kracklin serves a variety of roast meat sandwhiches, along with sides of gravy, chicken salt fries, poutine and a whole host of other specials. Eating a sandwhich from Kracklin brings a genuine smile to my face, and it never fails to impress when I bring a friend along for the experience.

This time around, I opted for my favourite: A salt beef dip. Containing a mountain of salt beef, thousand island dressing, swiss cheese, mustard, gherkins somehow contained in a brioche bun and served with salty house gravy. Once this sandwhich is on the table, all other thoughts of conversation and of life go out the window until I’ve taken a few bites. The salt beef is up there with the best of them, and the condiments do well to make every ingredient stand out. This is the new standard I measure sandwhiches by, and it may have ruined me forever.

Along with the salt beef dip, my friend and I opted to share a classic poutine. French fries, cheese curds, and yes more gravy. Unfortunately, I’ve never had the chance to try poutine in it’s native home in Canada, so I cannot make a claim towards it’s authenticiy, but I can comment on the taste. It tastes good man. I mean, when you boil it right down it’s cheese, chips and gravy, and you can’t have something more aggressivly Northern than that. Speak to your local Canadian to see how it compares, but from my perspective, I would recommend it.

One thing you may have noticed in this post is the amount of gravy I ordered. I would highly recommend purchasing a drink or two to go with your meal. From a salt point of view, salt is everywhere. From the fries, to the gravy to the sandwhich, it can leave you a little dehydrated if you’re not prepared.

I hope Kracklin becomes a Newcastle city institution. I would encourage every lover of meat and of sandwhiches to go and enjoy something from the menu. Kracklin have set the standard, and the standard is high.

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