OK American Diner (A19)

Doesn’t this picture look fab? Doesn’t the OK diner somehow look much more regal in black and white, compared to it’s usual pinkish-red and blue neon flashing signs?

This gem of a diner is located on the A19, relatively close to Hartlepool. So yes, it took about 30-40 minutes to drive to from my house, but this baby is worth it!

It serves proper American milkshakes, proper hotdogs, burgers and fries, and amazing desserts. I just stuff my face everytime I’m here. There is really no other American diner in the North East to compare. (I visited the Stateside Diner on Pink Lane a couple of weeks ago, and the previous sentence still holds true!)

The interior is fab, with proper booths and the whole American-diner vibe going on. The price is pretty reasonable as well (I paid £6.90 for a hotdog, fries and coleslaw), with the only pricey (but delicious!) items on the menu being the milkshakes at £3.65-£4.10 each!

Overall, I love the place. I think I might have to go next week…

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