Elizabethan Banquet

With our 1 year wedding anniversary approaching, and some Lumely Castle gift vouchers that had never been used; we booked ourselves in for an Elizabethan Banquet last Saturday evening. (It also helped that they had a special offer on, and instead of paying the usual £35 per person, it was only £27.50 per person!)

We arrived at the gorgeous castle, which I think I take for granted as I live so close by, at 7.30pm and were shown to the dungeon, which has been refurbished into a lounge bar, with huge mirrors on the walls and candles. At 8pm, we were escorted to the dining chamber where we sat on a long (hogwarts-like) wooden table.

Our singing maids (waitresses) performed a song relating to North-East heritage or something we were about to eat (“thou shalt have a fishy on a little dishy, thou shalt have a fishy when the boat comes in!”) and donned us with huge towel bibs! Starting at the head of the table, the singing maids would then pass dishes down the table. Armed with only a little knife-dagger, we had to use the tips of our fingers and the palms of our hands to eat (and when we had soup we used bread rolls!) The atmosphere was brilliant! So jovial and different. The food was also amazing. We had five courses which were all scrumptious: vegetable broth, fish pie in a scallops shell, lamb ribs, chicken with jacket potato and salad, and to top it all off, a delicious apple crumble with cream  (they, thankfully, gave us a spoon for the dessert!). I absolutely loved it!

After we had eaten everything, our singing maids gave us another melodic performance and then we were invited to the disco in the dungeon. Me and MrJ didn’t stay for that though, we were so full of food the idea of bopping around to Carly Rae Jepsen seemed a bit too much! So we drove home in comfort!

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