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Nan Bei (南北)

I love the Grainger Market. If someone asks me where they can get a quick bite for lunch, or where to pick up some groceries in town, or where to find a specialist item I haven’t heard of, my answer is always the same: You should go to the Grainger Market. Luckily for me and the […]

Hei Hei

The weeks leading up to Christmas were jam-packed with parties, social gatherings, church, musical events and lots lots more! One evening, when I got in from a busy day at work and we only had a couple of hours before heading out the doors again, we decided we needed some ‘us’ time. I checked our […]


I found this chinese bakery on Thursday and actually squealed with delight when I saw it, as it reminded me so much of the chinese bakeries (中国菜) in Hong Kong. It had trays filled with sweet or savoury treats and you just use plastic white tongs to choose what you would like. What was gorgeous […]