Lost and Found, Heaton

Sound the claxon! We have found a restaurant we have truly fallen in love with.

Lost and Found is a 1920s inspired restaurant in Heaton. It’s on the same street as the popular Butterfly Cabinet, and serves a brunch, mains and dessert menu (as well as an extensive cocktails, wine and beer menu).

We popped along one evening at 7.30pm, not really knowing what to expect. It’s a small restaurant, with not many covers, but the atmosphere was cosy and comfortable with familiar laid-back tunes playing overhead, and friendly staff. It was more like being in a big dining room than a restaurant.

We took a seat at the window and had a good look around the room. I was really impressed by the décor. The tiled ceiling was enviable! We asked Martin where the style influence had come from for Lost and Found and he said prior to it being a restaurant it was an old antiques shop, and when they stripped back the walls they found the lovely wooden floor. The tiled ceiling had been added to create the 1920s, antique-style, and some furnishings came from Newcastle Crown Court.

Over by the bar area, the wall was adorned with huge black and white photographs. They were real old photos of the area that had been blown up to display on the walls. All the little touches just made it special.

The dishes served at Lost and Found are small plates, so a recommended 2-3 per person. Some dishes on the menu are heartier than others, so we decided to order a mix of them and got:

Hong Shao Pork, Chestnuts & Jasmine Tea Rice
Handmade Jiao-zi with Pork, Prawn & Coriander Filling
Jambon Iberico & Truffle Parmesan
Crispy Lotus Roots, Honey & Peanut Dust

As you can see, a lot of the dishes have an Asian influence. The owner of the restaurant, Lulu, used to have a mobile catering business called “Lulu Cooks Chinese”. She started out at food festivals and events such as The Boilershop Steamer and gained enough popularity that she decided to bring it to a restaurant environment. The jiaozi (dumplings) are her speciality.

I was hesitant to try to the lotus root dish, and actually had firmly dismissed it as an option as I hated eating it when I lived in China, but Martin said it was a customer favourite. How? I thought. It really is awful. But I was intrigued and ordered it anyway…

… IT. WAS. THE. BEST! I was so hesitant. I really didn’t think I would like it, but it was so tasty. The thin batter on it added a lovely crunch to the lotus root, and the drizzling of honey and crushed peanuts made it so more-ish and the perfect pairing of sweet and savoury. The edible flowers on top were a pretty garnish too.


The Hong Shao Pork was one of the heartier dishes and came on a bed of rice. This was hard to share between the two of us, and I would suggest that this dish is just for one person, just because of the messiness of sharing – we both certainly enjoyed eating it! The meat was well-seasoned with a smokiness to it.


The Jaozi were delicious. You can tell why Lulu got so popular selling these at street food events (as a side note: Lost and Found will have a food stall at the Eat Drink Festival this weekend (13th-14th October) at Hoults Yard. Get yourself there!) However, although truly scrumptious, I wish you got more than three for the price you pay…maybe four or five? Am I just being greedy?!

Although the majority of the dishes on the menu are Asian-influenced, there are also some other great dishes like the Jambon Iberico & Truffle Parmesan. Thin slices of pistachio-stuffed ham are served with slices of truffle parmesan and foccacia bread. Each ingredient was of a high-quality and stuffed with flavour.


We also ordered two mocktails to go with the food: an elderflower mojito and strawberry cooler. There’s an extensive soft drink menu too, for the tee-totals out there.


If you love all-you-can-eat, man vs. food challenges-style places – this is not for you. The dishes don’t leave you stuffed to the brim or rolling out of the restaurant. Which I think is a good thing. If you enjoy trying new food and eating high-quality, carefully prepared dishes that are done well, this is for you.

I think it could be our new favourite haunt. I can’t stop telling my friends and family about it.

Also, Lost and Found do a brunch menu, which looks very good. It must be hard to compete with the likes of The Butterfly Cabinet and The Wild Trapeze, but the Cocoa Smores Pancakes with Nutella, Biscoff, Fluff and Toasted Marshmallows has my name written all over it. They also do insta-worthy savoury dishes like smashed avocado on toast.

Safe to say, we loved it. We want you to go. Go, support this flourishing local, independent restaurant. Tell us what you thought about it (especially if you try those pancakes for brunch!)

Lost and Found can be found at 194A Heaton Road, Newcastle, NE6 5HP.
Check them out on Facebook and Instagram too.

We were invited to review Lost and Found, and a percentage of our meal was comped, in exchange for a review. But all thoughts and words (and eating!) are our own.



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